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Furniture and
design websites
The best visual database of 20th century furniture on the web can be found at Tribu-design
A great way to stay current with the latest in modern and contemporary furniture design is to visit MoCoLoco
Breaking news in the design world at core77
Major contest announcements, interviews and thoughtful articles at designboom
Other origami furniture designers

Alain Berteau: Mate Lounge prototypes
Form Us with Love: Bendable Interior Objects
David Gras
A waterfall fireplace screen reminiscent of Shimmer by Hearth Falls
Sam Booth (no web site) Oritetsu

Other active
materials and
Ned Kahn
The FLARE system
An active surface proposal for the World Trade Center Memorial
Other lamps
Other watches
and clocks

Wrist Fashion kindly reported on these two Talus designs. Note the comment section mentions a few, similar ideas regarding "approximate time" implemented as software widgets on computers.
buro-vormkrijgers' has designed a table clock in the shape of a cone, it rolls around
the surface, with the tangent indicating the moment. Also called About Time.
Russia with Love, a very similar idea to AboutTime, by Art Lebedev.
The TimeLine watch is an updated version of the century-old "wandering hours" clock.
Ross McBride's quirky wrist watches with a casual nod to linear time.
Mr Jones watch as a fortune cookie
Chrisitaan Postma's matchstick clock where time emerges as random lines align
Duncan Shotton's digimech clock- moving bars with hidden digital numbers

Other CD cases
Hinged Disections
Divide one polygon into a subset of nested polygons. Hinge along the edges, then swing around and (if you plan ahead) a new polygon appears. Greg Frederickson is the source of all polygons, dissected.
A plethora of polyhedra, by Jill Brittan. Constructions, projects, materials and beautiful images.
Too many sites on the web- but consider origami made from fabric, origami as a career, and the geometry junkyard
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