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Where to buy the fig8?

The fig8 cord organizer comes mounted on a cardboard hanging display package.
Instructions are on the rear face.

packaged fig8

The organizer is primarily available through OEM partners. However, a small quantity are available directly on this site- US and Canadian customers only*

Shipping in the U.S. is a flat $3 via USPS. $4 to Canada.
The secure Paypal shopping cart accepts most major credit cards.
Additional discounts, at checkout, for two or three organizers (limit 3).

fig8 cord organizers

$10 each

small fig8

hanging cord clips- comes attached to fig8, and allows you to snap the organizer onto a backpack clip or slotted ring

$2 each

small Swivel cord

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* (Unfortunately, internationally shipping costs more than the product. But, contact us if you are interested in obtaining large quantities for international resale).


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